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Giới thiệu Giá đỡ điện thoại / máy tính bảng họa tiết độc đáo
With this lazy phone holder, you can keep your phone at appropriate distance from your eyes. And also ergonomically fix your posture while looking at the phone.
Enjoy a great book or movie with this phone holder, totally free your hands so you can lie comfortably on bed or sofa.
The phone holder is 360 degree adjustable, with flexible long arm, easily adjust it to your most comfortable viewing angle.
Enhance the strength and stability of holding the phones and mounting on the bases respectively, avoiding vibrations and preventing your cell phone from falling or moving around.
This is a great accessory for kitchen, dining room, bedroom. When you read, watch videos, cook with your phone, you'll find it helps you a lot.
With the adjustable holder attached to nightstand or end table, you free your hands from holding your phone and enjoy videos lying comfortably.
Actual color may be slightly different from the image due to different monitor and light effect
Please allow 1-3cm deviation due to manual measurement

Mobile phone.Suitable for mobile phones with a width of less than 10cm
General model.Suitable for phones and tablets with 12-18cm width.
1x Phone Holder
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