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Giới thiệu Giá Đỡ Điện Thoại Từ Tính Xoay 360 Độ Tiện Dụng Cho Xe Ô Tô

Best Quality, Best Value! More reasons to choose air vent mount!

magnetic car vent mount features the same air vent and hide-able flat magnet convenience, but thanks to a 360-degree rotating, the mobile phone holder for car can display your phone at any angle you want inside your car.

Moreover, 4 magnets inside the base also mean that this air vent phone holder has a stronger and superior grip to keep your phone securely over rougher drives and sharp turns.

The air vent clip of this vent phone mount keeps your phone highly visible without obstructing your view, and it doubles as a kickstand for your phone if you take it out of the car.

Since the magnetic phone mount is so compact and easy to transfer between cars, it's ideal for people who swap vehicles with spouses or children in a multi-car household or frequent travelers who want an easy-to-pack mount to use in rental cars.
magnetic phone car mount
Perfect Details
Only for Smooth Flat Surface
Holds steadily
Perfect Compatibility

Installation Steps:

1. Clean the back shell of the cellphone, apply the transparent adhesive tape to a proper place on the back of the phone or the phone case.

2. Uncover the protection film of the magnetic patch.

3. Paste the circular steel plate in the area of the transparent adhesive tape on the back of the phone, appropriately push hard after pasting well.

4. Clamp the car mount holder on the air vent. Then put the cellphone with circular steel plate on the car mount holder then the installation is completed.

Scientifically closed magnet field, would not interfere the phone signal or damage your device.

Note: Metal would affect wire.less char.ging, please remove the metal plates while wir.eless ch.arging.
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