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Giới thiệu Giá Đỡ Phóng To Màn Hình Điện Thoại 3d

ღღღ shop introduction ღღღ
Welcome to BeiBei, we will give you and your children better care, I hope you have a good mood every day.
Magnify screen to protect your eyes.
Make mobile phone screen bigger, imagery stronger.
Can be zoom in three times of the mobile phone screen.
Can be used as a traditional magnifier to read books or newspapers.
Without the power drive, energy conservation and environmental protection.
Reduce eye fatigue of movies and television brought on mobile phone, and stinging eyes and tears phenomenon.
Mobile phone adapter use skid material, prevent slip, fall.
Folding design, small volume, convenient carrying on business travel.
How to use it:
1.Please avoid using in direct sunlight or strong light, avoid light cause is not clear, it will display better in the dark light environment.
2.Do not use hard wipe scratch the lens, when not in use, please use a soft cloth to protect the lens.
3.Adjust the distance from mobile phone frame to the lens and angle, adjust focal length, lens angle, in order to achieve the best view and optimal amplification effect and the best definition.
4.The best watch angle is vertical to the lens, a distance of 0.5 meters it the best watch distance.
Because the lens is larger, the mirror slightly reflective phenomenon, please adjust the brightness of the light and the angle of the light.
Note: Material: PVC (PVC material lens assembly is easy to scratch, does not affect the viewing effect)
Material: Plastic and 3D Glasses
Screen Amplifier Size: 7.8 inch
Product Folding Dimension: 18x15x1.5cm(Lengh*Width*Thickness)
Screen Size: 8.2 inch
1x 3D Screen Amplifier
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