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Giới thiệu Miếng hít dán cho giá treo điện thoại trong xe hơi

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[0609] Adhesive Sticker Back Cover Card Holder Case Pouch For Cell Phone
Soft material, very comfortable to use.
Durable, smart, and stylish design.
Easy to put card or other stuff into open pouch.
Clear, adds style and protection, keeping dirts, stains off.
Accessory Only, Device is NOT included

Made of silicone material, with back adhesive sticker to stick it to the smooth back of your phone
Easy to use: peel off the cover of the sticker and stick to your phone back, and finish by softly pressing
Suitable to fit up to 4 cards, such as: ID card, credit cards, driver's licence, business cards, membership card, insurance card, discount card, frequent flyer card, etc.
Can also be used to store money, charging cable, earphones, flash drive, cigarette lighter, etc.

Color: Black, White, Rose red, Blue
Material: silicone
Size: 84 x 55 x 2mm

Package Includes:
1 x Sticker Card Pouch

Due to the monitors,the color may be minor different, but the style we provide is the same. Many thanks.
If you mind the color difference, please place the order cautiously.

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